Store Policy 

  • Accept all cards, debit, cash, check, apple pay. 
  • No pre-paid cards 
  • Extra 3% charge for any credit card 
  • Bounced checks will have a $35 fee added to the total 

Return Policy  

  • Returned material MUST be in the same condition as received and properly stored.  
  • NO RETURNS ON items that reached 30 days after receiving merchandise. 
  • 30% restocking fee will be applied on approved returns 


  • NO RETURNS: opened, damaged, or dirty boxes, odd lots, closeouts, any special order, items no longer in stock, items that reached 30 days after receiving merchandise.
  • NO RETURNS: all vinyl flooring, #3 quality or utility grade solid/engineer flooring
  • 30% restocking fee will be applied  



  • NO RETURNS ON: liquids, adhesives, moldings, and products with any indications of being opened.  
  • If any supplies are opened/ruined by the customer in store, he/she is to pay for that material. No Exceptions. 

Flooring Policy    

  • Flooring must acclimate to the installation area before the installment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Buyer/Installer is responsible for checking moisture levels in product and subfloor prior to installation. This is applicable before installation only. Whenever a board is installed, it has been accepted by the owner/installer.  
  • If after installation customer is noticing unexplainable damages, customer is to contact the store and describe the situation. The store will then send out an inspector. If Carolina Wood Flooring is at fault, we will fix our mistake. If it is a manufactural issue, the store will get in contact and resolve the issue. If the customer is not satisfied with the inspector’s conclusion, the customer can use a third-party inspector in which the customer will pay. 

Hardwood Floor:   

  • Wood is a product of nature and can vary from tree to tree and from board to board. The samples in the showroom/website shown may not adequately represent the full range of color, length and character due to variations within the species of wood. 
  • All ¾ solid wood is to be nailed down to the crawl space and engineer is to be glued down to concrete/plywood. If the customers installer says otherwise, Carolina Wood Flooring takes no responsibility for damages done after installation.  
  • Any flooring over 3 ¼ inch wide need to be glued and nailed down to crawl space/plywood.

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile (LVP/LVT): 

All LVP/LVT is lifetime residential warranty and up to 20 years commercial warranty. If there are manufactural issues, the store will get in contact with the manufacturer and resolve the issue.
Pickup Policy

Pickup Policy

  • As soon as our product leaves our parking lot, we are no longer responsible for any damages done during transit.
  • If pickup date is not set, it is customers responsibility to notify the store two days prior.
  • If transportation is not equipped for pickup and loading people informed the customer, Carolina Wood Flooring takes no responsibility for car or material if anything gets damaged.


Delivery Service Policy

  • Delivery hours are 8am-4pm. It will be priced on distance and weight load. 
  • Service is unavailable for locations farther than 1 hour and 30 minutes away from store.   
  • Customer will be informed an hour before delivery via text massage or phone call.  
  • If driver arrives and is not able to have access to the property, there will be a 15-minute grace period in which after customer will need to reschedule and pay for new delivery.  
  • Our accountability for material ends as soon as delivery truck leaves delivery location.  
  • It is customer’s responsibility to check that all boxes are in perfect condition before delivery personnel leaves. If there are any damaged boxes/bundles of wood the delivery person needs to bring it back to the store with customers confirmation to switch out material. If damaged box/bundle is noticed after the delivery truck leaves, it is customers responsibility to call or txt a photo to the shop and bring the material or pay for new delivery.  


Special Order Policy 

  • All paid orders are non-refundable. 

Out of State Policy 

  • Credit Card Authorization Form and a copy of Driver’s License must be received before we place the order. The information is for our company personal record. 
  • All shipping is non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled once the order is placed.  
  • Carolina Wood Flooring takes no accountability for any damages or losses done to material during transport. 
  • Once the customer signs the bill of lading, that is the indication that they approve the delivery and all material. NO RETURNS. 

Warehouse Policy   

  • No customer is allowed in the warehouse 
  • Carolina Wood Flooring takes no responsibility for any injuries caused inside the warehouse. 
  • Material can stay in warehouse for up to 2 months. Next step is an automatic $85 charge for each month material is in the warehouse, for up to 6 months. We take no responsibility for the material after 6 months are up. Invoice will be cancelled with no refund if product is not yet picked up.  

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