Minwax Stain

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Minwax Stains (1 Gallon)


Minwax® stains can be mixed together to create custom tones. For example, it’s easy to lighten any tone of Minwax® Wood Finish™ by adding Minwax® Wood Finish™ Natural. Before mixing wood tones, look at the predominant color of the wood you are matching. Is it reddish, grayish, blondish or yellowish? Use a stain with that hue as your base and add lesser amounts of a secondary stain until you reach the desired tint or tone. Try not to mix more than three wood tones at a time. That way it’s easier to control and replicate the outcome. Be sure to mix enough to complete the entire project.

You can use stains to give inexpensive wood expensive-looking appearance. But, you must use wood with a similar grain. For example, if you want to stain a less expensive wood to achieve a cherry appearance, you must use a wood like maple, which has a tight-grained pattern similar to cherry. Likewise, poplar is often used as a substitute for white oak.

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Natural #209, Golden Oak #210B, Provincial #211, Red Oak #215, Puritan Pine #218, Ipswitch Pine #221, Sedona Red #222, Colonial Maple #223, Special Walnut #224, Red Mahogany #225, Early American #230, Gunstock #231, Red Chestnut #232, English Chestnut #233, Cherry #235, Fruitwood #241, Golden Pecan #245, Pickled Oak #260, Driftwood #2126, Dark Walnut #2716, Ebony 2718, Jacobean #2750, Weathered Oak #270, Classic Gray #271


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