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Masterline Commercial Grade Polyurethane is a durable wood floor finish suitable for large volume applications, such as meeting halls, multi-unit dwellings, and other commercial uses. Gloss Sheen, Quart Container.

  • Recommended System
  • One Coat Sealer
  • Two Coats Masterline Polyurethane
  • If desired, additional coats of Masterline Polyurethane may be applied.
  • Dry Time
  • Allow to dry at least 8 hours.
  • Coverage
  • 150 to 175 Square Feet per Quart, 600 to 700 per Gallon

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Masterline Gloss 1 Gallon, Masterline Gloss 5 Gallon, Masterline Satin 1 Gallon, Masterline Satin 5 Gallon, Masterline Semi-Gloss 1 Gallon, Masterline Semi-Gloss 5 Gallon


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