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Garco Classic World 3500 – Swedish Kote

2-Part Acid-Curing Conversion Varnish : Matte, Semi-Gloss, High Gloss Garco Classic World 3500

: Is a fast drying, two-component, acid-curing finish for hardwood floors in residential and commercial areas. Garco Classic World 3500 gives maximum resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and chemicals. It is therefore ideal for surfaces subjected to heavy wear. It can be used on untreated or previously finished surfaces.


Garco Classic World 3500 must be mixed with Garco Hardener CVH before use (see mixing instructions below and please read separate product information for more detailed information on Garco Hardener CVH).

Mixing and Pot-Life:

Shake containers well before mixing. Then mix 1 part by volume of Garco Hardener CVH and 10 parts by volume of Garco Classic World 3500. Mixing can take place in plastic, glass or undamaged enameled vessel. Mix well but avoid forming air bubbles. The mixture can be used for 8 hours provided it is stored in a closed container.

Preparation Of Unfinished Floors Or Floors Where Old Finish Must Be Removed:

Sand floors using accepted MFMA, NWFA or NOFMA procedures (US). Machine sand the surface to remove old treatments and impurities in the wood. The first sanding is made with coarse sandpaper and high roller pressure. Make the floor surface as even as possible. If the floor is uneven in spots, sand locally to even out these areas. The final sanding is made with 120-150 grit sandpaper or screen, and with the lowest possible roller pressure.

IMPORTANT : Vacuum and tack the floor before applying Garco Classic World 3500. Do not forget to remove dust on skirting, windowsills, radiators, etc. Oily and resinous wood species such as teak should be coated as soon as possible after machine sanding.

Sealing and Finishing:

Provide for good ventilation during the first application to increase air circulation and improve drying. Second and third applications should be made with normal ventilation, as draught over the finished surface induces an unfavorable drying procedure. Avoid direct sunshine during finishing as the curing process will be accelerated in such areas. After preparation of the surface, application of finish can take place with brush, roller or applicator. After drying, and intermediate sanding with used 120 grit sandpaper should be made. Then vacuum thoroughly and apply the second coat. In case a third coat is required, follow the same procedure. Porous wood species like pine, spruce and beech require three coats of finish, whereas other wood species normally require two coats.

Treatment Of Pre-Finished Floors:

Sand or screen the floor using a very fine paper (180-240 grit) or an abrasive pad until surface has turned matte. Vacuum thoroughly and tack the surface using a cloth dampened with ethanol to completely remove all the dust. Apply one or two coats of Garco Classic World 3500.


: When the surface has been screened, an adhesion test should be done. First, a small area is coated with finish. After it has dried, scrape the area with the edge of a coin to test the adhesion. If the finish layer loosens, it did not adhere correctly, and complete sanding to bare wood is necessary. Do not use Garco Classic World 3500 for recoating of waterborne finishes, 2-component solvent-borne polyurethane finishes or alkyd-based finishes.

Dry Times:

A wooden floor finished with Garco Classic World 3500 dries within approximately 5 – 7 days depending on the conditions. Periodical airing removes the formaldehyde fumes. Furniture can be placed on after 24 hours. Wait before placing rugs. For the first 4 weeks after finish application, the floor should be handled with utmost care, as the finish has not completely hardened through. After approximately 2 months, the water resistance is very high, but in any case, the surface should not be exposed to water or moisture for long periods. Surfaces treated with Garco Classic World 3500 are easy to keep clean. Vacuum cleaning and, when necessary, mopping with a damp cloth is normally sufficient. Marks from rubber heels, shoe polish, lipstick, ink, etc. should be removed immediately with mineral spirits.


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